Amsterdam Bear Pride 2016

3 – 7th March 2016 Amsterdam celebrated it’s 4th Bear Pride. The city of cheese, tulips and tolerance welcomes all the furry fellas and their friends for a weekend filled with fun. Bowling, a pub crawl, dancing, cruising, bingo, a canal cruise and of course a Mister Bear Netherlands election are just some of the highlights of a diverse schedule of events.

A weekend that aims to bring people from the community together, to simply have a good time and organized by people from that same community. Amsterdam is proud to be a diverse and gay friendly city.

We hope to see you in March 2017!

Michael Roks (Initiator & Organizer) – Eagle / Dirty Dicks
Sjag Kozak (Organizer) – BN
Bram Sniekers (Organizer) – Furball
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Amsterdam Bear Pride (c) 2015